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Retrospondylo -listhesis corrected by Dentist! No Pain

Female Patient 44 years old, was diagnosed with a 11% retrospondylolisthesis (Backward slippage of the body of a vertebra that moves it out of alignment with adjacent vertebrae) at L3 and L4 with both vertebral bodies in a transverse plane rotation to the right. Since aged 11 has had low back and sciatic pain.  Been through all the Therapies, attended all the Courses, gained all the knowledgeof what has been primarily disclosed and published in evidence based practice as the driver to the ’cause’ of this.  Whilst also seeking out various disciplines in Manual Therapy and numerous Consultants to discuss and have treatment based on their personal clinical beliefs regarding this diagnosis and treatment for pain. In 2015, as fate would have it, she met a gentleman who had also presented at a Manual Therapy Conference who was about to change her life forever!

Within three months of biomechanical brace therapy (on the teeth!) the long-standing retrospondylolisthesis is no longer present.

Where is the evidence?

  • Clinical Imaging/Testing was repeated – duplicating all previous parameters.
  • The Patients symptoms have improved and she is able to go back to activities she used to do.
  • And, because this story is mine.

I live a life free from retrospondylolisthesis and all it’s baggage!

To all the Manual Therapists, Researchers, and Teachesr: “Live Life Without Limitations!” (my business strapeline) and think outside the box.  The human body is one system with a million other systems inside of it.  We are ‘individuals’ and biology is nonlinear.  Avoid falling in to the trap of looking for the ‘lines’ or simple math to fix a problem e.g. A+B=C – I encourage you to look at ‘life’ without ‘limitations’.

All the reasons why I set-up the Integrated Allied Health Professionals Network (IAHPN) last year.  All our Members think ‘outside the box’.  #mostproud

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November 2, 2017

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