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“Exceeding Expectations. I wanted to check my health and see if there was anything to correct whilst I still could! So, I called BodyMOT Systems who put me in touch with Jo who then arranged a Lifestyle Analysis for me. I was very excited about having the test and what I was going to find out about me. I loved it! It was an incredible insight into my health and at my age how I could still improve it. I had my 6 week complimentary re-check, this is to see how much progress I was making and to keep me on track to PASS. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much had changed by implementing small changes.
My expectations were certainly met and I really do feel it’s a value for money test. The Lifestyle changes that we discussed have all been changes that I can manage in my everyday life i.e. becoming more conscientious of hydration and the detrimental effects of not considering this on a daily basis. It is a real education, I know think and understand about healthier options with foodand I now know how to exercise much more efficiently at my age for maximum results.
I have and will continue to recommend this product to all my friends and family.”

Jo Bournemouth

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This will enable us to ensure not only are “we right for you” but also that “you are right for us”. Rehabilitation is a two-way Partnership; we need to know if we are able to give you what you need, and we need to be sure you will participate in all corrections to improving your well being.

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