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“Back Pain & Limited Lifestyle. Let me first apologize for not e-mailing you earlier! I should have been in touch ages ago. In this case, no news is good news, the exercises you gave me have been brilliant!!!!!!!!When I came to you I was so uncomfortable, but within about two weeks I was actually able to stand and do the washing up, without having any discomfort.(no getting out of it now, Ha ha, my partner Alan is always singing your praises).
The next revelation came a couple of weeks later, when I was pushing a wheelbarrow I looked down at my feet and realized my feet were straight. I think I had always presumed I was pigeon toed (from riding a lot), but it was obviously my imbalance….amazing!!
You probably get many tales like this from people you help, but I wanted you to know what a difference it has made to my life, Thank you. One question I have is about the first exercise you gave me, the one when I’m on my back with my right foot on my bent left leg, pushing for x4 reps of 20secs. When I do this(although no probs with doing the other leg) I get pain right into the joint, which sometimes makes it too sore to continue. I wondered if I should continue, or have a different exercise or just do it less etc etc. I know I should have been for a follow-up appointment with you, and if you think this is necessary I will, of course, take your advise.”

Jackie Dorchester

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