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“Supporting ‘my’ Clients.  When I first learned about the BodyMOT I was intrigued to find out more as I felt it was something that could be of value to my clients.  I was also curious to be MOT-ed myself!  As the owner of a small personal training studio I had been working very long hours, spending much time focusing on helping my clients to optimise their wellness and sadly letting my own suffer somewhat as a result.  Jo was brilliant – she explained everything that was required prior to the test and went through each individual analysis thoroughly during the test so that I understood what was going to happen and why.  It was all very interesting – some of it familiar and some of it new to me – and I especially liked the feeling that I was getting a good impression of what was really going on on the inside, rather than just what can be seen on the outside.  At the end of the test I was pleased to discover that I had passed and failed things exactly as I had expected and it was very refreshing for me to have Jo make suggestions for improving my wellness and wellbeing.  Jo really ‘told me like it is’ – kindly but firmly pointing out my key areas for improvement!

Since taking my first BodyMOT I would say that my eating has improved dramatically by just making time for eating a far greater priority in my day, and having taken the recommended new supplement religiously my liver and kidneys are no longer feeling so stressed!  I am currently still working on my life/work balance but am very happy to have Jo on my case to make sure this gets sorted!  I have already recommended the BodyMOT to a number of my clients and will continue to do so.  I think they will find it an enjoyable and interesting experience and it will certainly be useful to me in helping them to optimise their health and fitness for the long-term.”

Hannah Bournemouth

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