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Canine Health Advice better than ours?

Becoming a Dog Owner Nearly five years ago my Partner and I made the HUGE decision to invest our-complete-selves into becoming Dog Owners. For me, I was incomplete without my canine friend, for my Partner it was about seeing me happy and sharing the magical times that come with owning a dog.  Our dog is a male Golden Retriever called Ripley.  He is a well-travelled dog, he has an unusual arsenal of games he likes to show guests, and albeit he is today a happy and healthy dog, like most dogs – he has had his up’s and down’s along the way.  The best tool I continue to invest in to support my continued training and education as a dog owner is…. Dogs Monthly Magazine.  It never bore’s me: every month it has new important updates to keep your dog happy and healthy, whilst adding tools to build the bond …

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Multiple Sclerosis & Gut Health

Disease Modifying Drugs (DMD) Disease modifying drugs (DMDs) are a group of treatments for people with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). They reduce the number of relapses a Patient might experience as well as reducing the severity of any relapses.  There are 12 drugs approved for use against MS by the NHS in the UK.  Each drug offers a different combination of benefits and risks.  Although relapses are rarely stopped completely, their number and impact can be decreased by taking a disease modifying drug (DMD). Why use DMD? To stop progression.  Stopping progression is important as increasing disability can have an impact on an MS Patients quality of life. This has proved a difficult area to research and, so far, the MS support groups report there isn’t anything which will stop progression completely. Some of the disease modifying drugs can slow down progression through their effect on decreasing relapses. To repair the …

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Multiple Sclerosis Building a New Brain

Disease Modifying Nutriment (DMN) First thought To build a new brain, we have to take advantage of the inherit regeneration and renewal (RnR) process we all have within our bodies.  Every cell in the human body regenerates and renewals every 5-7 years.  The central nervous system (CNS) goes through the RnR process every six weeks.  So, every six weeks every cell in the central nervous system is new.  But, are we guaranteed that the new cell has been generated in to a healthier cell than the one before?  Unfortunately not.  With diseased tissue, unless we are making improvements to the factors that support the RnR process, like nutriment to feed the cell structure and to help build a better cell than the one before, each time a cell regenerates if the framework has not been modified then the new cell will remain diseased. Building the Brain: Phase 2 So for …

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MRI Evidence of MS Improvement

Summary of improvements Often, most MS Consultants will request their patients to have per annum high contrast MRI’s to check the behaviour of their patients disease.  My wife has had three MRI’s to date 2017; November 2015 (NHS): diagnosis of MS May 2016 (NHS): to check behaviour of MS – MS had progressed and become more aggressive, more pressure to begin Lemtrada or Tysabri treatment. July 2017 (Private): For us to both be able to identify if the nutriment protocol was working Things to note: Between diagnosis, November 2015, and April 2017 no changes to lifestyle were made.  All symptoms remained the same. Nutritional programme, Healing the Gut, started April 4th 2017. An independent Radiologist was given the high contrast MRI’s from 2015, 2016, and 2017 and asked to interpret the data and report his findings.  This was his findings; Brain Spinal Cord Important Message A ‘snap-shot’ into a very complicated …

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