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Past Patients Prospective Study

Why a Prospective Study on past Patients?

When you first came to see Jo Abbott, you were having painful symptoms in your body.  During your appointment Jo conducted a series of manual assessments on you – the data from which formed a small part of her ongoing musculoskeletal science research, of which is near completion.

To gather further understanding of your musculoskeletal health since that last appointment with Jo will provide further data, supporting the creation of an algorithm that boosts understanding and expertise, leading to a proactive approach to this global issue whilst providing data that drives successful treatments, rehabilitation programmes, and injury prevention.

The research process is about identifying musculoskeletal disorder (MSD-1) signatures within individuals.  Think of each individual as having a unique ’MSD signature’ which work like an aircraft’s ‘Black Box.’  In an aviation disaster, the Black Box tells us what went awry. The MSD signature works in a similar way – it’s how the human body tells us what’s gone wrong to lead to an MSD, and what may continue to deteriorate so the original MSD evolves into Musculoskeletal Disease (MSD-2).

Volunteer Criteria

To volunteer you can be either fit and well, or limited by pain/symptoms. You need to be between the ages of 30-65 years old and can be any gender. You are required to attend one 40 minute appointment with Jo Abbott for the assessments, and then further time may be needed to collect other lifetime data.

Jo Abbott will not able to provide treatment.

No expense's can be paid for volunteers in this Study. You must arrive 10 minutes before your allocated slot. You will need to be barefoot and wearing shorts, joggers or leggings for the duration of the testing. You may carry on with all recreational activities and medication.

Upon agreeing to volunteer for the study you will receive a link to further information and paperwork that you will need to complete. All volunteers (Participants only) will need to complete and submit their Research Study paperwork online 24 hours before appointment.

Register your interest

  • You will need to attend Jo's Sports Science Clinic, Poole, Dorset.
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February 28, 2020