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Gold Clinical Nutrition Package

From: £14,050.00

All expenses paid gold standard clinical nutrition health support.  Package fee’s include all recommended medical & clinical testing, and any products needed to make improvements Jo will order and have delivered to your home/office address! It really is the gold standard for simplicity and optimising your health and wellbeing.



Invest well, invest right: Ensure that the time & financial investment into your health doesn’t go to waste.

If you’re the type of person that would benefit from plenty of encouragement and motivation to reach your goals and/or if you have a complex health condition then this is the package for you.

You will get a huge amount of support from me, and by the time we’re done there will be NO unknowns.   Together, I’ll ensure you’re taken care of with regular support and testing alongside our constant investigations into the most up to date research linked to your personal health and wellbeing.

IncludedGold Clinical Nutrition PackageSilver Clinical Nutrition PackageBronze Clinical Nutrition Package
Face-to-Face Appointmentsx 16 hoursx 8 hoursx 3 hours
Report Reading8hrs4hrs-
Critical Analysis of the Evidence-Based Research16hrs8hrs4hrs
Report writing8 Reports4 Reports2 Reports
Health & Wellbeing Clinical Assessments*x30x20x10
Laboratory Testing*x9x6x6
Stress AssessmentsUnlimitedx4-
Sleep AnalysisUnlimitedx2x1
Zoom Consultsx8hrsx6hrsx2hrs
WhatsApp CommunicationUnlimited20 messages8 messages
Online Learningx3x2x1

* Full disclosure of tests during initial enquiry pending your needs analysis for clinical nutrition support.

Additional information

This Gold Clinical Nutrition is for

1 Person, 2 People

Inflammatory Tests

3x Stool Tests
3x Fatty Acids Status
3x Nutrient & Toxic element blood tests

Face-to-Face Appointment Time

3x 2-hour Initial appointment
2x 1-hour Follow-up appointments

Online Learning

4x Online Course – specific to the risks/issues identified during your consultation
4x DIY Health Check – specific to the risks/issues identified during your consultation


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