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Virtual Screening

From your home/office

You don’t need to wait until February 2021 to see me for Musculoskeletal (MSK) Health support!

From the comfort of your own home, garden, gym, or office, allow me to assess your body for any non-optimal alignment and/or movement patterns that you know are ‘just not right’, or symptoms that may be beginning to cause you discomfort, or you feel like something structurally is slowing you down.  Sounds like we are back in clinic face-to-face!

Currently, telemedicine is being fuelled by COVID-19 and technological advancements are allowing the health and wellbeing industry to do better for all – I’ve researched and separated the hype from fact and can now offer you another incredible service…. from your own home.

Whats in it for you?

  1. You don’t need to try and fit in to my diary!  From purchase of service (see below) we get to work immediately.
  2. As your body adapts, purchase the next service and keep on top of your MSK health.
  3. No drive time getting to the appointment.
  4. No further COVID-19 risks for us both.

Note: If treatment is needed, we shall initially approach this from your home (maybe with a few items from Amazon), if we fail, I shall refer you to a Practitioner of Manual Therapy who is within my Allied Health Professional Team for specific treatment.

How does virtual screening work?

  1. You collect some photos and/or videos of you using a very specific app (which is free for you to use) and send to me.
  2. I analyse the images and produce a report for you on what I’ve identified, along with all the corrective exercises (videos and instructions) you need to improve your MSK health.

There are so many patient experience studies indicating high satisfaction with telemedicine, that professionals in the industry accept it as fact. Telemedicine is leaving novel to the past (Waller and Stotler, 2018).   The current and future potential of telemedicine to improve health care access and quality while containing and possibly reducing health care costs (Zajtchuck and Gilbert, 1999).

OK Jo, let’s do this!

  1. Book one or more of the services below.
  2. Once payment is made you shall receive an email confirming the App you need to download (free!) and the Health Care practitioner code you will need to access me.
  3. I shall WhatsApp you asking for your specific focus requirements i.e. restriction? discomfort? numbness etc with the instructions on what I need to complete your analysis.
  4. Upon receipt of your photos and/or video I complete your analysis within 12 hours and send you your personal report on my findings and all actions you need to take to improve your current condition.
  5. You then listen and manage your body by completing the advice and/or the personalised corrective exercise programme prescribed, and contact me through the virtual mediums if you need any further support.

All Telemedicine products and services available

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