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“Road to Recovery.  Three years ago I had an operation on my neck whereby I had 2 vertebrae removed C2 & C3 and replaced them with a metal coil – this all the result of rheumatoid arthritis. I was unable to have anything but fluids for several weeks and a friend of my husband told us about USANA Nutrimeal as a great source of vitamins and minerals so when my supply of insure that the hospital sent me home with I tried it and have been hooked ever since!!!

 I also work out a lot at the gym as best I can and find this really beneficial to have when I get back – it seems to replenish the right things!!! I have to be careful as my blood sugar levels can drop very quickly especially in the winter months with the resulting dizziness etc so this seems to stabilize me quickly. I thank my lucky stars that I have found you to supply me because my one concern was that it seems to be terribly difficult to track down here in the UK. I do not want to become one of their agents etc and have not found any other product that suits me the way nutrimeal does. Many thanks as always.”

Veronica London

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