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“Getting it right for me.  I look after myself well so I was really surprised to find out from the BodyMOT that I had an unhealthy BMI, high body fat, was dehydrated, had some shortened muscles & was mineral deficient! I followed the simple practical advice I was given, then just a few weeks in I was delighted to find out I had lost weight, felt much fitter, muscles were all sorted & my hydration levels were back up to a healthy level and i’m full of energy. Now I’m really motivated to keep on getting healthier.”

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“Road to Recovery.  Three years ago I had an operation on my neck whereby I had 2 vertebrae removed C2 & C3 and replaced them with a metal coil – this all the result of rheumatoid arthritis. I was unable to have anything but fluids for several weeks and a friend of my husband told us about USANA Nutrimeal as a great source of vitamins and minerals so when my supply of insure that the hospital sent me home with I tried it and have been hooked ever since!!!  I also work out a lot at the gym as best I can and find this really beneficial to have when I get back – it seems to replenish the right things!!! I have to be careful as my blood sugar levels can drop very quickly especially in the winter months with the resulting dizziness etc so this seems to stabilize …

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“Personally I feel fantastic and it is all down to you and your amazing healthy programme especially the BodyMOT Lifestyle & Biomechanical Assessment. I visited Jo on the recommendation of a friend and with a view to just finding out where I was in the spectrum of being un-fit. I could not consider myself to be particularly fit. I was amazed to find myself exceptionally dehydrated, and did not realise the dramatic negative effect that dehydration has on your body. If you look at a piece of fresh and juicy plump fruit then at a wizened piece of fruit you would always choose the fresh hydrated fruit as the dehydrated piece of fruit would be exceptionally dry inside and very unappealing in both taste and looks. Our bodies are just the same, we work better when everything is lubricated. You would not think of running your car without any water, …

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“I am an ex-nurse and my wife is a medical doctor who is a specialist in Anaesthesia and Peri-operative medicine with a keen interest in nutrition and lifestyle changes as a way of staying healthy and maintaining our youthful vigour. We were therefore both interested to know about the BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis. We have been impressed by the scientific and comprehensive nature of the tests and also by how we can prescribe lifestyle changes that have been repeatedly demonstrated to improve a person’s health.I had a BodyMOT which I failed miserably but after following my report to the letter I passed with flying colours. I was dehydrated, overweight, incredibly inflexible, and low on minerals and my liver and kidneys were not happy. Within the six weeks I was feeling energised, stronger and leaner. I lost 10lb in body fat and gained 8lb in lean body tissue! While there are many …

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