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“Long Distance Runner needing foot surgery. I’ve always considered myself fit and healthy but like many of us today I have suffered with injuries and ailments, but being a keen long distance runner and gym-goer, I attributed all my troubles to running! No GP, Sports Therapists or fellow PT friends had any answers for me! My body was then pushed to its max and when I attended the FitPro Convention in April 2012, I simply burnt myself out! Luckily for me I met Jo at the convention…….

Ive been seeing Jo now for a number of weeks and in pretty much one appointment, Jo knew exactly what the problem was and got me started on the road to recovery! In my first visit Jo diagnosed 27 Biomechanical Dysfunctions , yes that’s right 27!! I was amazed however that by my second appointment a few weeks later, after having been sent away with some specially identified exercises for me to perform each day, my dysfunctions almost halved to 14!! Jo is now working with me even further to identify the right course of action for me and to complete things, working on a nutrition plan specially designed for my lifestyle! I have simply been blown away by Jo’s knowledge and expertise! Its fascinating what I have learnt myself and even though this is only the beginning I am already extremely grateful to Jo for her challenge of ‘fixing’ me!!”

Jodi Bournemouth

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