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“Lumbopelvic Girdle Pain (PGP/SPD).  On and off I had been having problems with my lower back and hips for years. I would get lower back pain and aching legs if I stood or sat for a longer than half an hour at a time. In March 2008 when returning from holiday I had a problem with my right shoulder that resulting in me being unable to sleep on my right side without suffering pain or loosing the feeling in my arm. I decided to visit the chiropractor to sort out my arm problem and whilst there I mentioned the problem that I had been having with my lower back and hips.  X-rays revealed that my hip pain was due to a pregnancy condition called SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). This is where the pelvis moves too much during pregnancy causing the bones to grind together.My youngest daughter is now 13 so the problem was going to take some time to rectify. The chiropractors tried for 3 months to loosen my now fixed pelvis to give me more pain free movement. However the muscles that should have supported my lower back were too weak to support my now loosened pelvis. As a result I bent over one morning and injured my back, at this point I was unable to carry out most everyday tasks I couldn’t push a supermarket trolley or hoover my house, even driving was painful. I was unable to walk pain free and couldn’t walk with someone at my side because if they accidently bumped into me it would exacerbate the pain.Whilst this was all going on I also had some treatment on my shoulder and after one session the pain was so bad that when I returned the area was so painful that they were unable to carry out any further treatment for 2 weeks. I persevered for 3 months with visits to the chiropractors and also attended their rehabilitation centre; I was still unable to stand, sit or lie down for any length of time and was experiencing pain daily. My shoulder was worse at this point, I was unable to twist or turn and barely slept as every time I moved sharp pains shot through my shoulder. It was at this time that I met Jo Rainsley at an Outdoor Lifestyle Show. She Biomechanically Screened me at the show and explained that my hip and shoulder problems were probably linked, my hips were fixed/rotated and causing an imbalance up thorough my back to my shoulder. The muscles in my hips and up through the right side of my back and into my shoulder were in spasm due to the dysfunctional pelvis I had. Jo recommended some very small exercises; she explained that I could fix myself by re-educating my body to do what is right and functional for it to work correctly. Jo showed me all the exercises that were relative to my present situation in depth and how each one would benefit me. She emailed me after the show with pictures and descriptions of the exercises to carry out. I saw Jo a number of times over the summer and during these follow up visits Jo recommended further exercises to do and very slowly I began to see and improvement. I realised quite quickly how some of the exercises that I had been doing at the chiropractor rehabilitation centre had been aggravating my shoulder, hip and back and once I stopped doing these, but kept to my specific biomechanical exercises, the pain began to subside, I started to become more mobile and found I was able to do more every day things.September 2008 Jo recommended that I have some sports massage therapy in addition the daily exercises that I was doing, we progressed to some deep tissue work with Jo although initially the sessions were very painful but within weeks the pain was less intense. By December 2008 I was able to sleep relatively pain free. I was also able to start to carry out some of the daily things that had been to painful to do earlier in the year.My body has become functional again leaving me pain free, although I still need to be careful with some things as I tend to forget I ever had a problem! Every week I am getting stronger and I am now able to exercise too! I started Personal Training March 2009 and in 5 months I have lost nearly 2 stone and 42 inches!”

Heidi Bournemouth

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