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“I am an ex-nurse and my wife is a medical doctor who is a specialist in Anaesthesia and Peri-operative medicine with a keen interest in nutrition and lifestyle changes as a way of staying healthy and maintaining our youthful vigour. We were therefore both interested to know about the BodyMOT Lifestyle Analysis. We have been impressed by the scientific and comprehensive nature of the tests and also by how we can prescribe lifestyle changes that have been repeatedly demonstrated to improve a person’s health.I had a BodyMOT which I failed miserably but after following my report to the letter I passed with flying colours. I was dehydrated, overweight, incredibly inflexible, and low on minerals and my liver and kidneys were not happy. Within the six weeks I was feeling energised, stronger and leaner. I lost 10lb in body fat and gained 8lb in lean body tissue!
While there are many products on the market that will enable someone to lose weight they usually result in loss of lean body tissue and can negatively impact one’s health. Not only did I lose body fat but my hydration, minerals, kidney and liver function improved. As well as this my flexibility, which has been poor for years, was significantly improved. I know I would not have had this result had I got a private medical check-up.
I was so impressed I bought into the business! Jo has been a great support and very professional. I was really impressed by the training day and marketing materials BodyMOT systems have supplied.
The response from our clients has been very positive. After completing the Lifestyle analysis everyone has been impressed by the comprehensive nature of the tests and with the report they received. The results our clients are getting when they follow the recommendations are just as impressive as my own. They are very open to learning new information and motivated to make changes. This has been a pleasant surprise as I have been talking to some people for a long time but they didn’t seem to rate what I was saying. They were very open though after completing the tests.
I am very happy to recommend Jo and the BodyMOT to anyone interested in making a difference in people’s health.”

Harvey Manchester

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