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“Post-Natal Pelvic Girdle Pain. It’s no exaggeration to say that meeting Jo Rainsley and embarking on her biomechanics programme has changed my life!
When I first arrived at Jo’s house I had been suffering the pain and limited mobility that comes with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) for 3 long years. To be frank, my life had become a misery. I could barely walk more than a few feet; unable to drive my car I had lost all my independence and was in pain nearly every day. My partner had been forced to give up work to look after our baby and after 3 years we were beginning to think I was never going to make a full recovery. Numerous visits to both Chiropractors and Osteopaths offered only limited solutions and each month I would end up back where I had started.All the practitioners I saw said that Pilates was the solution…so I duly did regular Pilates sessions. Every few weeks I would, without fail, injure myself. My frustration was immense and I fought off feelings of despair and anxiety on a daily basis.Now, barely two months after I first limped down to Jo’s studio for my initial appointment, I am no longer in pain! I have started driving again, can actively play with my young daughter in the garden, walk around the local park and go to the shops! Wow!I can heartily recommend Biomechanics-it is in a totally different league to any of the other treatments I’ve tried for SPD and I’ve tried them all!The other brilliant thing about Jo is that she is like a one- stop- shop of healing! Let me explain…instead of having to go and see lots of different practitioners Jo can also offer deep tissue massage (vital to get my muscles working properly again) and muscle release techniques (ditto) and explain how diet and subtle lifestyle changes can aid healing. Using her profound, in-depth knowledge of the subtle interplay of muscle, bone and nerve tissue Jo can identify exactly how to fix your individual problems and at the same time explain it all in layman’s terms-so you can go away with a deeper understanding of your condition. This is very empowering, if like me you had begun to think that somehow it’s your fault that you are still poorly. In addition to this…Jo is an all- round wonderful human being; kind, thoughtful and empathetic! You certainly need a good sense of humour when dealing with people with limited mobility-let’s face it being in pain is no fun…but I have found myself laughing merrily during my appointments-happy in the knowledge that each session took me closer to independence and pain free living.”

Di Dorset

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