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Annette & Katie

“Motorcycle Accident.  I have known Jo for a couple of years, since she has been working with my daughter Katie.Katie had fallen off her bike a couple of years ago and had then been suffering with severe back pain.So severe that during Katie’s last year at school she was only able to attend a total two months out of the usual ten.Having been to a chiropractic, to have Katie’s bones pulled and pushed and muscles deeply massaged, that worked for all of five minutes and then Katie felt worse than before.Painkillers had no effect, other than now she is intolerant to paracetemol.I then tried Hypnotherapy, thinking that if Katie learnt to relax then maybe that would help. Unfortunately Katie was in so much pain that did not work.The doctors decided that perhaps a blood test would show something. What I have no idea. So after 3 blood tests still nothing. The doctors then decided to have Katie do a body scan, giving me the fear of Cancer.Nothing showed up thank God. So it was decided that Katie was either putting it all on, or it was something she would have to live with.It was after all this I was introduced to Jo. There is a God in heaven.Just with Katie walling towards Jo, there was a look on Jo’s face that had me know we had found the right person who could help Katie.To start with Katie and Jo worked together once a week, there were no deep massages, no pulling and pushing of bones, the exercises were so slight you would not think they would work.But after 3 months Katie was seeing Jo once a fortnight sometimes once every three weeks.Katie, with over exuberance of a teenager had corrected her hip alignment within six weeks instead of the normal twelve weeks.After six months of seeing Jo, and doing the exercises JO had given Katie, Jo was now teaching Katie the art of Kick boxing.So all I can say is a big thank you to Jo, I would highly recommend Jo to anyone, and everyone (which I do all the time).The time spent with Jo is  more than money well spent, it is always fun, and made to your needs , and you come away with the feeling that you have achieved something great. So for any pains niggles, or aches I would HIGHLY recommend you make time to go and see JO.”

Annette & Katie Christchurch

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