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7 Top Tips: Choosing the best supplements

Here are my top nutritional science tips: Pharmaceutical Grade. Albeit there are not many supplement companies that do this, start by making sure the supplement you are taking is of pharmaceutical grade. Clean ingredients. Focus on ensuring your product is free from chemicals, i.e. organic.

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How to Drain a Toxic Overload

"The hardest part of being a Musculoskeletal Specialist is to be able to have these conversations with patients who believe that their symptoms are due to structural issues.  Often bodily symptoms are compounded with a 'toxic overload' and is in combination with structural issues."

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Canine Health Advice better than ours?

Becoming a Dog Owner Nearly five years ago my Partner and I made the HUGE decision to invest our-complete-selves into becoming Dog Owners. For me, I was incomplete without my canine friend, for my Partner it was about seeing me happy and sharing the magical times that come with owning a dog.  Our dog is a male Golden Retriever called Ripley.  He is a well-travelled dog, he has an unusual arsenal of games he likes to show guests, and albeit he is today a happy and healthy dog, like most dogs – he has had his up’s and down’s along the way.  The best tool I continue to invest in to support my continued training and education as a dog owner is…. Dogs Monthly Magazine.  It never bore’s me: every month it has new important updates to keep your dog happy and healthy, whilst adding tools to build the bond …

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How to Stop Rubbing & Robbing: Sciatica Case Study

Do we really ‘fix’ people? Or do we facilitate change? More and more disciplines in Manual Therapy are starting to report the importance of the Patients/clients health literacy: the ability to seek, understand and utilise health information, and what is important for good health. It is as important for patients/clients to obtain and process information related to their own specific health; choices of treatment and the best choice for the individual.  This is a very challenging journey for the individual as health literacy is saturated with belief systems and poorly interpreted EBM.  It is our role to guide, encourage, educate, re-connect, identify, and lead these individuals to the relevant matters and to possibly guide them away from fundamental misconceptions they may hold. How many patients/clients ‘give’ you their problems? If you take on that responsibility, be prepared to fail.  When you fail, learn by your mistakes.  What a huge responsibility! …

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MRI Evidence of MS Improvement

Summary of improvements Often, most MS Consultants will request their patients to have per annum high contrast MRI’s to check the behaviour of their patients disease.  My wife has had three MRI’s to date 2017; November 2015 (NHS): diagnosis of MS May 2016 (NHS): to check behaviour of MS – MS had progressed and become more aggressive, more pressure to begin Lemtrada or Tysabri treatment. July 2017 (Private): For us to both be able to identify if the nutriment protocol was working Things to note: Between diagnosis, November 2015, and April 2017 no changes to lifestyle were made.  All symptoms remained the same. Nutritional programme, Healing the Gut, started April 4th 2017. An independent Radiologist was given the high contrast MRI’s from 2015, 2016, and 2017 and asked to interpret the data and report his findings.  This was his findings; Brain Spinal Cord Important Message A ‘snap-shot’ into a very complicated …

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Jo Abbott’s Organic Chicken Bone Broth

Poached Chicken & Chicken Bone Broth My poached chicken and chicken bone broth recipe initiates the foundation to healing the gut, by all means it is not the only consideration that needs to be made when exploring health of the gut.  To learn more about this multifactorial  industrious yet fragile system I have written an Online Course on Digestive Health click this link learn more. Ingredients (for 12 litres of broth): Poaching the chicken meat: Cook for 2 hours Organic whole chicken Filtered water 1 cup organic apple cider vinegar 2-3 organic celery sticks 3 medium sized organic carrots 1 organic onion 2x organic garlic cloves 2 organic bay leaves 2 sprigs of organic thyme Juice of 1 organic lemon 1 tbsp organic black pepper corns 1 tbsp organic unrefined sea salt Bring all ingredients to the boil, then gently simmer for 2 hours.  Remove the meat and gristle from …

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Are you making the same mistakes?

Oh my.  If i had a penny for each person that goes on a ‘food group elimination diet’ and doesn’t get advised/warned about the ‘kick’ of the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction – I would be that billionaire sailing around the World!  Help me out here… read the small print below and pass the message on. Epidemiology Adolf Jarisch, an Austrian dermatologist, and Karl Herxheimer, a German dermatologist) observed specific reactions in patients who were being treated for syphilis with Salvarsan, mercury, or antibiotics and termed the reactions as the Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction.  Jarisch thought that the reaction was caused by a toxin released from the dying spirochetes (bacterium).  The symptoms occured within the first couple of hours and included; fever, chills, low blood pressure, headaches, hyperventilation, vasodilation, flushing, stiff joints (rigor), muscle pain (myalgia), panic attacks, skin sores, and tachycardia.  All symptoms observed were believed to be a cause of the increase in inflammation, albeit symptoms that will either …

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