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What causes Multiple Sclerosis?

Causes Multiple Sclerosis If you research this question using Dr. Google You’ll find the most common answer remains ‘the exact cause of MS is unknown’, however, scientists believe that there are four factors that play a role in development of the disease: immunologic; immune system attacking the body genetic; 2>5% of MS Patients environmental; lack of sunshine causing lack of vitamin D viral; past history of illnesses Other risk factors? In addition to the list above there are other risk factors for developing MS; Sex: Women are two to three times more likely to develop MS than men are. Age: According to the Mayo Clinic, MS usually strikes between the ages of 20 and 40. What can make MS symptoms worse? Stress Smoking Heat Infections Medication Lack of sleep What is MS? Read More As a reader of my Blogs, you are here to find scientific, honest truth, and education about a certain …

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MRI Evidence of MS Improvement

Summary of improvements Often, most MS Consultants will request their patients to have per annum high contrast MRI’s to check the behaviour of their patients disease.  My wife has had three MRI’s to date 2017; November 2015 (NHS): diagnosis of MS May 2016 (NHS): to check behaviour of MS – MS had progressed and become more aggressive, more pressure to begin Lemtrada or Tysabri treatment. July 2017 (Private): For us to both be able to identify if the nutriment protocol was working Things to note: Between diagnosis, November 2015, and April 2017 no changes to lifestyle were made.  All symptoms remained the same. Nutritional programme, Healing the Gut, started April 4th 2017. An independent Radiologist was given the high contrast MRI’s from 2015, 2016, and 2017 and asked to interpret the data and report his findings.  This was his findings; Brain Spinal Cord Important Message A ‘snap-shot’ into a very complicated …

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