Health & Wellness Services


#1: Single Subject Designs


Single Subject Studies with Musculoskeletal Pain and where an intervention for rehabilitation is applied and withdrawn

  • Venue: Sports Science Clinic (Poole, Dorset) or OLab Clinic (Poole, Dorset)
  • Days of the week: Tuesday (OLab) or Thursdays (Sports Science Clinic)
  • Dates: Throughout 2016 > 2019
  • Volunteers: Must have presence of pain
  • Duration: You will need to be available once per month for a one-to-one session with Jo Abbott
  • Committment by you: Monthly online health questionnaires up until December 2019.

Expectations on Appointments

Always wear loose fitting comfortable clothing but not tight nor baggy.  You must complete the online Waiver 48 hours prior to your first appointment. All volunteers must arrive 10 minutes before their allocated time.  Your appointment will be exploring your pain limitations.


  • Treatment and/or
  • Corrective Exercise Prescription

As a Research Volunteer you MUST adhere to all the advice given to you and you MUST complete all the exercises given to you to enable reliable data collection.  If at any point you are deemed non-compliant you will be withdrawn from the study.

You will have a total of 6 appointments each of varied durations.  Your visits to Jo Abbott are complimentary. There are no reimbursements for any expenses you incur.

February 28, 2020