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#2b: Inter Tester Reliability

  • Title: Exploring inter-tester reliability - are we only testing the Patient? - CLOSED GROUP
  • Venue: University of Chichester
  • Parking: On Campus for a maximum of 3 hours, make sure you pay at the meter for parking.
  • Dates: Monday 3rd June 2019, 1:30pm in the Sports Therapy Teaching Room.
  • Volunteers: One study each consisting of sixteen Testers (Practitioners of Manual Therapy) and ten Patients (Members of the public or Manual Therapists)
  • Duration: 2 hours maximum
  • No expense's can be paid for volunteers in this Study.
  • Inclusion and exclusion, if required, listed below.

Study Expectations on the Day

  1. All volunteers participants must arrive 10 minutes before their allocated slot for the study to commence immediately.
  2. Testers must be qualified or in your final year of studies as a Practitioner of Manual Therapy.  You will be screened, briefed and instructed on the requirements for the study on the day of the study and you must be comfortable in a kneeling position.  Post experiment, all Testers are required to participate in an open group interview post-study to exploring each testers experience.
  3. As a volunteer patient you will need to be barefoot and wearing shorts, joggers or leggings for the duration of the testing. Each of the experiments will involve a Practitioner of Manual Therapy assessing you using a manual therapy assessment. There is no physical requirements of the tests. You will be asked to sit for up to 1 hour. You will need to remain relaxed and to not resist nor help the Tester. Please to do not arrive late.
February 28, 2020