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#2a: Inter Tester Reliability


Exploring inter-tester reliability using positional testing methods - are we only testing the Patient?

  • Venue: Akasha, White Rock, Vancouver, Canada
  • Dates: September 2016
  • Volunteers: 26 (6 Testers and 20 Patients)
  • Duration: 2 hours
Akasha Study 2016

Study Expectations on the Day

Study #2 Full Methods


To sit on a Therapy Couch with you feet flat on a solid surface.  Knees to be tucked in to the back on the plinth/therapy couch.  Hands on lap and sitting as you’d normally sit.


Exploration of incongruencies in the Alignment, Biomechanics and Control of the upper thorax and cranium of the Tester in the position of testing.  Each tester to have their vision and kinesthetic skills isolated during the positional testing of the Participants.

All Testers to be interviewed as a group post-study to explore the experiences of the Testers.  As far as known, interviewing the Testers post inter-tester reliability study has never been done before.

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February 28, 2020