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Wellness 360 – Silver


Using the Triad of Health (structural, emotional, chemical) yourself and Jo shall unlock the secret to improving your wellbeing for now… and forever.  Jo takes on the role as your Wellness Coach, gifting you with the knowledge to understand you and your systems.


Cells, Structure & Function

Although this package has less contact and support from me, we remain to keep our finger on the pulse with specific testing.  This enables us to keep your body progressing.

Re-testing also provides us with raw data that will either demonstrate our successes or identify where we need to improve.  These tests are specific to you.

During the nine-month period I shall be exploring your health at a cellular (inflammatory, toxicity, and acidity) and structural level (current issues and relative risks).  To be able to do this optimally, multiple tests are conducted and there is more contact between you and I (face-to-face appointments and virtual updates).

IncludedGold PackageSilver PackageBronze Package
Two-Hour Initial Appointmentx4x3x2
One-Hour Follow-up Appointmentx4x2x2
Online Corrective Exercise Programme (video and feedback availability)YesYesNo
Further MSK Clinical Tests - Non lab based, Sports Science Clinic onlyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Zoom Consults14hrs8hrs6hrs
WhatsApp CommunicationUnlimited10 messages4 messages
Report Reading14hrs10hrs6hrs
Report writing8 Reports4 Reports2 Reports
Online Learning3 Courses2 Courses1 Course
DIY Health Checksx4x3x2
Specific Health Productsx30x30x30

Additional information

This Wellness 360 Package is for

1 Person, 2 People

Face-to-Face Appointment Time

1x 2-hour Initial appointment
4x 1-hour Follow-up appointments

Virtual Catch-ups

2x hours of Virtual Consults (‘live’ video diary updates)
2 hours Zoom catch-ups
10 WhatsApp Messages

Online Learning

2x Online Course – specific to the MSK risks/issues identified during your consultation
2x DIY Health Check – specific to the MSK risks/issues identified during your consultation


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