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Organic Inulin – High Grade Prebiotic Fibre Powder 1kg


  • ORGANIC INULIN POWDER: Clearwave Health Organic Inulin Powder is a 100% natural pre biotic with a multitude of health giving properties, making it a great choice for those looking to add fibre to their diet, advance their digestive health and improve general well-being.
  • HIGH IN SOLUBLE FIBRE: Easily dissolvable in water, fruit juice, smoothies and any other liquid, we are confident our high grade Organic Inulin is the most soluble form of Inulin available, so say goodbye to lumps of sticky residue left in the bottom of your glass. The enhanced solubility of our Organic Inulin Powder also make it a great choice for use in cooking and baking.
  • HELPS REDUCE CHOLESTEROL AND VISCERAL FAT: Featured on Angela Rippon’s “How To Stay Young,” an MRI scan revealed Angela Rippon had high levels of visceral fat around her internal organs. She was recommended by the consultant to take an Inulin on a regular basis to reduce visceral fat. Dr Michael Mosley’s “Trust Me I’m A Doctor” program found in a study that regular consumption of Inulin Powder helped promote better sleep quality.
  • HIGH VALUE BULK PACK: At Clearwave Health we aim to offer customers exceptional value for money compared to other brands. Our Organic Inulin comes in a 1kg value pack offering up to 200 daily servings, over 6 month’s supply.
  • GMP ORGANIC INULIN CERTIFIED BY THE SOIL ASSOCIATION: Clearwave Health Organic Inulin is certified by the Soil Association and manufactured to GMP standards, giving you total peace of mind.


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“In 2018 I started to research and experiment with the Ketogenic Diet and Autophagy.  Due to the specific requirements of this lifestyle (the need to get blood glucose levels reduced and blood ketogenic levels as high as possible) I found there was a tendency for bowel movement (to poo) to become slower.  There are multiple products on the market to regain the desired pace for bowel motion, however – as always – my focus was to regain normal motion of the bowels but most importantly to take care of the tissue of the bowels during this process.  Inulin is the perfect fibre for this as it also supports the microflora of the gut with being a fantastic prebiotic.”


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