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Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor


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HRV + HR + ANT + , Bluetooth – Waterproof HR Sensor with Chest Strap – Built-in memory, Software updates – Works with Fitness apps, Cycling computers, Sports and Smart watches

  • One of the few heart rate straps that has been used to monitor heart rate variability (HRV) during scientific studies.
  • Supreme accuracy: widely recognised for its top precision by many sources, POLAR H10 is the most accurate heart rate sensor in polar’s history. POLAR H10 provides top quality ECG measurement and it’s the choice of many Pro athletes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, ant+ and 5 kHz provide an excellent variety of connection options (e. G. With peloton). you can use Bluetooth and ant+ connections simultaneously as well as two Bluetooth connections simultaneously
  • POLAR Pro chest strap: with improved electrodes, an easy-to-use buckle and silicone dots, the strap is comfortable and interference-free, and stays put when you’re on the move
  • Versatility: wear POLAR HR monitor when rowing, cycling, running, training indoors or swimming. POLAR H10 is fully waterproof and it has internal memory for one training session
  • Software updates: via POLAR beat app. POLAR HRM works with many sports and smart watches (POLAR, Garmin, apple, suunto, etc. ), POLAR beat and many other fitness Apps such as Strava and Nike
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