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Hands-On Practical Learning


Are you working with an individual whom you just can’t seem to get to the root cause of their symptoms? Live links provide us with the ability to discuss and systematically work through all sticking points you are experiencing



It’s time to put all this learning in to your hands … alongside me!

Do you need to have more input in to your skill set when you are in Clinic?

Do you feel as though you are lacking a vital part of the hands-on flow needed to be efficient?

Struggling with specific consultations?

Not sure on why you use the methods you use?

Let’s change this together!   

Your place or mine?

Let’s come together in the perfect space for you to learn – your choice, your clinic or mine.

Together we shall breakdown and build up all your skills, enabling you to refine your practice.

Let’s make the impossible, the possible – stop surviving and start thriving!

These sessions are 4 hours in duration.


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