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Bronze Operational Mentoring Package

From: £300.00 / month

The ‘operational‘ mentoring package is for professionals who run a business and have limited time. The mentoring focuses on key issues experienced and how to successfully overcome these.  This package provides clarity on the systems, equipment, patients/clients, policies, and processes available to them.



Minimal Time Available > Maximal Goal Achievable

The ‘operational‘ mentoring package focuses on key operational issues you experience and how to successfully overcome these.  Please ensure when you complete your needs analysis form you define these short term goals for us both to focus in on.

I will support you in providing clarity on various systems, methods, research, treatments, equipment, and much more.

You have the option to work with up to two other colleagues within this mentoring package.  If you decide to do this, as a team you shall need to coordinate the funding to ensure monthly instalments of this service are not interrupted.

Total mentoring hours each person needs to commit monthly: 4 hours (20% Jo Abbott/80% self-study)

(Total mentoring with me (Jo Abbott) each month: 1 hour)

(Total self-study for mentoring each month: 3 hours)


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Payment Type

12 Installments

This Bronze Operational Mentoring is for

1 Person, 2 People, 3 People


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