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Bowtech Ease 10ml (IDOSALVE)


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Ayurvedic aromatherapy blend of pure base vegetable and natural essential oils known for their health-enhancing properties such as relieving pain, reducing inflammation and helping fight infection.  These oils include cinnamon leaf, peppermint, black pepper, eucalyptus, camphor, ginger, kunzea and lemongrass with the Indian oils of ashwagandha and sesame.

This handy 10ml rollerball can be kept in a handbag, sports bag or car glove box for ease of use – or in the bathroom cabinet. Just roll once or twice over the affected area and apply gentle press/release action using pad of thumb or finger until absorbed and skin is dry. Use twice daily to start with and then once only as pain or inflammation subsides.  Ideal for bunions and other painful joints. Also effective for chilblains and sinusitis.

Available as a pack of two at a discounted price.


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