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Multiple Sclerosis & Gut Health

The main goal in nutriment is to find ways to regenerate the body using nutrition with the premise to engineer better cells each time the damaged cells are replaced.

Disease Modifying Drugs (DMD)

Disease modifying drugs (DMDs) are a group of treatments for people with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS). They reduce the number of relapses a Patient might experience as well as reducing the severity of any relapses.  There are 12 drugs approved for use against MS by the NHS in the UK.  Each drug offers a different combination of benefits and risks.  Although relapses are rarely stopped completely, their number and impact can be decreased by taking a disease modifying drug (DMD).

Why use DMD?

  1. To stop progression.  Stopping progression is important as increasing disability can have an impact on an MS Patients quality of life. This has proved a difficult area to research and, so far, the MS support groups report there isn’t anything which will stop progression completely. Some of the disease modifying drugs can slow down progression through their effect on decreasing relapses.
  2. To repair the damage caused by MS.  Some researchers are looking at repairing the damage to the myelin caused by MS:
    • Immune system attacking the myelin sheath which is a fatty tissue that covers the branches of nerve cells and is produced by cells called oligodendrocytes (glial cells).
    • Neural Plasticity defines the various routes a ‘message’ can take through the nervous system, however if the area of damage is too large, this rerouting process is no longer possible causing the message to be blocked.
    • Scarring, or otherwise known as sclerosis, is where scar tissue has formed post immune system attacking the myelin sheath.

Looking at the the scientific possibilities of the human body

Every single cell in our body has the ability to regenerate and replace its predecessor, in fact every single cell in our skeleton is replaced every seven years – Watch 3 minute Movie.  Medicine lies in understanding how the body creates itself out of a single cell and the mechanisms it uses to renew itself throughout life.

The main goal in nutriment (Clinical Nutriment Courses), is to find ways to regenerate the body using nutrition (nutrition being the building blocks the very ingredient for optimal cell replacement), with the premise to engineer better cells each time the damaged cells are replaced.

The quality of each new cell is governed by the choices (eat, think, do) we make on a day-to-day basis.  Your DNA, the genes you were born with, do not dictate who you are.  Leading genetic scientists around the world agree: genetic determinism is a flawed theory – Click here to read more.

So, what we eat, think, and do every day of our lives dictates the design of our bodies and our choices can define what ‘it’ looks like.

Based on this scientific evidence, maybe Disease Modifying Nutriment (DMN) is plausible?  Remember: The main goal in nutriment (Clinical Nutriment Courses), is to find ways to regenerate the body using nutrition (nutrition being the building blocks the very ingredient for optimal cell replacement), with the premise to engineer better cells each time the damaged cells are replaced.

Thinking differently – Disease Modifying Nutriment (DMN)

Can we reduce/stop progression of MS with nutrition?

We know MS is a process when the immune system attacks the ‘good’ stuff, the myelin sheath, of the body.  This causes inflammation (lesions), which eventually leads to scars (sclerosis). Steps to consider when planning DMN;

  1. We remain unsure as to why the immune system attacks the body. My theory, based on the scientific evidence, is that if we can replace and regenerate (RR) better brain cells the immune system may alleviate the attack contributing to reducing the level of disease in each cell (Neurogenesis).  Neurogenesis is an extremely exciting topic to see what it’s future looks like, click here to read more.
  2. Reduce inflammation by removing all irritants to the digestive system.
  3. Improve the permeability of the gut supporting absorption of all necessary building blocks for the gut and brain RR.
  4. Heal the gut to eradicate all intolerances.  This will also support reduction of inflammation, stop scarring and allow more vital food sources to be consumed.

Timeline using nutrition to heal MS?

  1. Myelin Sheath cells regenerate and replace every 2-12 weeks (remyelination).
  2. To improve neural plasticity regenerate and replace brain cells every 3 months.
  3. Healing the gut (permeability, function) regenerate and replace every 5 days.
  4. Scarring (to be discussed in a later blog).

Global Distribution?

I am constantly being asked ‘please can I have the diet plan’?  Unfortunately, it’s really not that easy.  We are all individuals, and treatment plans should always be individual. There are three things that make a scientific study (EBP) plausible to individuals:

  1. The Study – research, scientists and laboratories!
  2. The Clinical Reasoning – what the experienced professionals are finding.
  3. The Patients Story – the individuals journey and their values.

I cannot give you a ‘protocol’ because we are all individuals, but what I can share with you are some Guidelines/suggestions.  But before commencing, we must all consider the ‘Patients Story’.

Patients Story (my wife)

My wife’s Consultant and MS Team were keen for her to make a decision between one of two choices: Lemtrada or Tysabri, which were based on two important factors regarding her MS state;

  1. the inflammation of the lesions in her brain and spinal cord increasing in size and quantity and were aggressive in their state
  2. and the general reproduction of new lesions (brain and spinal cord) over 12 months had significantly increased

Other health factors that needed to be considered:

  1. gluten, wheat, dairy, cured meat intolerances
  2. allergy to nuts and onions since a young age
  3. multiple bowel problems on a day-to-day basis
  4. history of chronic amoebic dysentery or amoebiasis (18 years old travelling Indonesia)
  5. monthly seizures and fainting
  6. long history of painful menstrual cycles
  7. passionate about her career

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5 responses on "Multiple Sclerosis & Gut Health"

  1. This is so informative and yes people need to understand it’s about the individuals journey not one size fits all approach
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Five years ago, I went numb from the waist down. After quite a few MRI’s, spinal tap, I was diagonsed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was on Avenox for almost 2 years, i had 1 year of monthly steroids IV, had to stop due to hip pain. Through my physiotherapist i learnt about a MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS HERBAL TREATMENT from R.H.F. (RichHerbs Herbal Foundation) and their success rate with the treatment, i immediately started on the MS treatment, i experienced decline in major symptoms including hand tremor, back pain, difficulty walking, muscle paralysis and weakness, uncomfortable tingling and burning, fatigue, urinary retention,double vision, slurred speech difficulty swallowing, numbness. Visit ww w. richherbsfoundation.c om. I knew that a positive attitude is everything and to just believe, I’m in control of my life again….

  3. I was having joints pain in both hands inside and outside and muscle weakness due to multiple sclerosis (MS). I was falling a lot, I had headaches and lightheadedness. I couldn’t keep myself balanced, and walk with a tremor like I cannot control my steps. I was on Copaxone, the first year was daily and later was 40 mg, 3 times a week. It didn’t make a tremendous difference for me. I’ve tried therapy, but it is not helping. I was seeking something to help regain my life to be able to do things for myself. It is frustrating when it feels like nobody is trying to help you find some relief. Through my primary physician i learnt about a (MS) herbal formula from NATURAL HERBAL GARDENS and their success rate with the treatment, i immediately started on the (MS) herbal protocol, I am glad to report the herbal formula worked effectively and there was no side effects, I had a total decline in symptoms, the joints pain, weakness and other symptoms stopped, my MS is totally REVERSED, Here is a link to the website we ordered from ww w.naturalherbalgardens.c om DON’T GIVE UP HOPE.

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