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DIY Health Checks

Personal online health assessments

You are just a couple of clicks away from significantly improving your personal health…

Just think, within 5 minutes you have given Jo Abbott an opportunity to support you with simple effective modifications to your daily lifestyle helping you improve your health!

Once you have completed the DIY Health Check of your choice, you will receive a personalised report written by Jo Abbott within 5 minutes.  These reports have taken four years of research (data collection), three years of creating, and one year constructing, trialing and testing the algorithms to give you the best advice, support and informed understanding of specific health topics.

All reports are in colour, with diagrams and images to support understanding.  The comprehensive report will explain if there are any relative risks to your health (based on scientific research), whilst guiding you through various easy-to-do lifestyle steps to improving your current situation.

When answering the questions, try to make your environment a place where you are not going to be disturbed, and you are able to read the questions fully and decide ‘what is most likely’ for you.


Some of the questions you may feel are ambiguous, with these questions ask yourself “What am I most likely to do”?

All DIY Health Checks have gone through scientific factor analysis algorithms using Principle Component Analysis (PCA) with each question funnelling you in to one of the following relative health risks:

Low Health Risk

A LOW Relative Risk to your health is a great outcome!  Jo will still offer information to maintain this level and maybe some ‘rewards’ for doing so well.

MODERATE Health Risk

A MODERATE Relative Risk to your health suggests there is room for improvement.  Jo will help you explore where best to start making improvements.

HIGH Health Risk

A HIGH Relative Risk to your health suggests you need to take the advice Jo gives you seriously and start to making small changes today.

Current DIY Health Checks Available

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