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COVID-19 Updates

Important information you must read before your face-to-face appointment

Pre-Appointment COVID-19 Questionnaire

Upon booking your appointment, within your confirmation booking email, you shall be given a link to a vital pre-appointment COVID-19 Relative Risk eForm.  If you are a returning patient, you will need to complete the eForm at the bottom of this page. This need to be completed and sent back to me prior to arriving for your appointment.  If you fail to complete this eForm prior to your appointment, you will be required (by law) to complete this eForm in your car upon arrival –  taking up vital face-to-face screening and treatment time.

On the day of your appointment you shall receive a WhatsApp message ensuring you meet the legal requirements of keeping us all COVID safe.  You must adhere to guidelines given in the WhatsApp message.

When you arrive

When you arrive for your appointment please park on the drive as close to the main gate as possible.  Step out your car and walk towards the gate, to the right of the gate (behind the guttering) you will see a RING doorbell.  Press the button on the RING doorbell and then get back in your car.  Please come to your appointment alone.  If you are the parent of a child (under 18 years) and live in the same household you are both welcome to the appointment with the necessary PPE (Mask).  Medical/Service dogs allowed.

Irrelevant of your COVID vaccinations and booster record, all visitors to the clinic are required to follow these guidelines.

Before stepping out of your car

Once you have rung the bell, please stay in your car.  I shall come collect you once the clinic has been thoroughly cleaned and aired.  Please allow me access through a car window so that I can take your temperature.The temperature gauge is a non-contact forehead gauge of which only I shall touch. Avoid having the heating on in your car or drinking a hot drink prior to your appointment as we may get a false-positive temperature test results.  If your temperature is raised, your appointment shall be cancelled and rescheduled for another day.

Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Please make sure you have your own face mask and you are wearing your face mask prior to stepping out of your vehicle for your appointment.  You will need to wear your face mask throughout your appointment.  The inability to socially distance during our appointments increases our risks and therefore the protocol needs to be adhered to to protect both of us and our families.  Unless you are medically exempt from wearing your face mask, refusal to wear your mask will result in cancellation of your appointment.

Please help reduce the spread of COVID by reducing your, and your children’s, touch-points in the clinic.  The clinic has many pieces of equipment in it – but it is not a playground.  Please kindly remind your children they are not allowed to touch the equipment.

Whilst in the Clinic

Unfortunately, albeit we have new refreshment machines, you will not be allowed to consume any fluids or food whilst in the clinic environment.  Masks must again be worn throughout your appointment. This will support reducing our risk of spreading COVID.  If your health means you need to consume food/drink regularly, we can pause your appointments for you to take rest-bites in the garden.  This will ensure we remain focused on all aspects of your health during your appointments. Please try to ensure 2 meter distancing wherever possible.

Fabric pillow cases will not be used, only wipe clean plastic covers. Disposable paper towel will cover the treatment couch, but no blankets or soft towels will be used. Where and when possible, windows, fans and door will be open to increase ventilation.

Payment and rebooking

When making your appointment with me, you shall be invoiced digitally for your session through an online programme called XERO.  Payment will need to be taken online to secure your booking.  No cash or credit cards will be accepted at your appointment. Post your appointment we shall make the decision on when your next appointment will be needed.

As from January 2021, my private clinics only open two-days per week – a conscious decision of mine to limit the footfall, reducing the exposure rate for COVID-19 transmission.

Thank you for making your booking with me, taking time to complete all the COVID secure paperwork, and reading these important points to protect us all from spreading COVID.  I look forwards to meeting/working with you soon.

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