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Course prerequisites

Access to this course requires completion of the following courses.

Blood Pressure , Nutrition for Cellular Health , Dynamic Joint Muscle Testing , Acid & Alkaline


Be unique and have a powerful competitive advantage that; differentiates you from the PT crowd; educates you to complete and analyse health tests and measures for your clients using leading clinical equipment; and provides you with the knowledge to make small changes to your clients’ lifestyles that can deliver big differences to their overall health.  93% Conversion to Personal Training and 80% Conversion to other services within your Company, it would be rude not to invest!

Realistic and measurable goals for Personal Training and you design bespoke packages and prices for your clients.  There is no pre-entry level to this Course as we build your knowledge throughout the training.

Level 1 is designed to bring your anatomy and nutritional knowledge to a standard where you are able to assess and support Clients making lifestyle choices to reduce risk of ill health, improve daily activities, increase longevity, and advise on existing prescripted medications.  We discuss difficulties with taking prescribed medications for health and ways to work with GP’s and the Client to correct their health using certain lifestyle changes.

The pre-course reading/learning is in the Online Academy, followed by two-day Practical Training Course.

Prerequisite Modules

All modules below are required to be completed successfully before enrolling in the BodyMOT Coach Level 1 – Day 1 Practical.

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  • Blood Pressure


    This distance learning course will take you on a journey through the Circulatory System and teach you; What is blood pressure (BP) , Why...

  • Dynamic Joint Muscle Testing


    This Module will enable you to identify specific areas of the body that need stretching; it is common to find you may need a...


Is there any pre-requisite to take Online Courses with BodyMOT Coach Academy?

    • No, we often have Patients/Clients sitting individual online modules allowing them to begin to self-manage their health.

How long is each Module/Course?

    • Varies from 3 to 6 months (depends which Course)

Can I get Continued Professional Development (CPD) Points for any of BodyMOT Coach Academy Online Courses?

    • Yes, 2 CPD’s with Certificate at the end of each Module.

How the Course is Structured?

    • We have used video’s, narrated slide show, posters and a manual – all of this is covered in your payment.

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