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There are many reasons why you should consider a mentor…

Access to Experience

First and foremost, I’ve been where you are. I have years of experience and expertise you can tap into. The information and knowledge I can impart are invaluable. And it’s not just that I can help you get it right, I can also help you avoid getting it wrong – which I did plenty of times!

Objective Observation

Then there’s the fact that I can be your fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes you can’t see what you’re doing for looking because you’re simply too close to it. I can play the part of your unbiased, objective and honest expert observer. One who can spot and solve your weakness and enhance your strengths. But one who also cares deeply about your success and well-being.


Plus I’ll motivate and inspire you to push yourself, to be your best, to grow. Perhaps, most importantly, I’ll have your back and encourage you to keep going when you’d rather be doing anything else! You’ll always find me even-handed with my pushing and my praise because I know you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Tough Love

Furthermore, I can be the discipline, focus and commitment we all lack from time to time. In my experience, my clients are often their harshest critics. However, I prefer to challenge you with the constructive feedback and tough love you need to stay on point.

A Trusted Partner

And when you need a sounding-board, a filter and, most of all, someone you can trust, that’ll be me. We can discuss your thoughts and ideas and I’ll help you choose the ones most likely to get you where you want to go. Don’t worry, trust is implicit in all I undertake. Everything we discuss and do together is confidential.

Direction and Drive

Last but far from least, I know what it takes to succeed – believe me, I really have been there, seen it, done it – and I can instill that hunger in you. No one will be more passionate about you achieving your goals than me. And although I know that working to achieve your ambitions is a serious business, it also has to be fun and balanced with family. I believe you’ve got to enjoy and be entertained by the process and that’s what I can bring to your journey.

Recruit me as your mentor and relax, because complete peace of mind comes as standard.

I’ve never forgotten a comment by director Steven Spielberg, who’s no stranger to success himself. He said,

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

In my experience, there’s nothing like helping someone you care about ‘create themselves’ in the way that they want.

“What we think we become”


What Jo gives you

  • Three hours per month one-to-one with Jo Abbott working through all your needs and objectives in your personal development and business
  • Your own personal Forum space with Jo Abbott
  • Access to Jo Abbott’s Personal Library of research
  • Access to Jo Abbott’s critical analysis of published research which is driving Manual Therapy decisions
  • Access to exclusive (PhD research led) online courses & Live Classes in Exercise and Sports Science Biomechanics, Nutrition and Clinical Anatomy.
  • Attendance to a Members only Training Days each year FOC.
  • Discount on all, online and practical, training courses.
  • Breaking the Corporate Market Mentoring

What you give Jo

  • Ready to work hard
  • Able to listen not just hear
  • Willing to contribute to the journey
  • Commit to dedicate a couple of hours each week to build the dream with me
  • Can respond to emails from me within three days from receipt
  • Celebrate all your successes and failures
  • Able to access your website
  • Computer literate or are wanting to learn to be

For a confidential, no obligation informal chat about the benefits of mentoring

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