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Jo Abbotts Coaching Academy

Is a place for you to excel your skills and reach higher potentials of optimal health and wellness for you, your patients, your clients, and your family.

You have a choice of learning how to become a BODYMOT COACH or further your skills in various CLINICAL SUBJECTS.

Becoming a BodyMOT Coach

The BODYMOT COACHING ACADEMY is a 12 month training programme: 11 months completed within the online academy, over Skype, and in your working environment with your patients/clients, with an optional two-days of practical training with Jo Abbott.  Once you have completed the learning, you have the option to become a Certified BodyMOT Coach by submitting a single case study.

Certified BODYMOT COACHES not only become registered with Jo Abbott as a referral point for individuals requesting support with their well-being, they also gain access to specialised services and products: educational courses (online and practical training days) with Jo, access to the Self-Service Well-being functionality for their patients/clients, and dynamic reporting of the patients/clients test outcomes.


Blueprint Biomechanics Academy

BIOMECHANICS BLUEPRINT ACADEMY specialises in three specialised clinical subjects that support complete understanding of the human blueprint that defines our biomechanics.    The Clinical Subjects are: Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Nutriment.  For each clinical subject there are 8 Online Units to watch, listen, with an optional one-day of practical training to out all the learning in to your hands. All learners are supported by Jo Abbott using the following platforms; WhatsApp Group, Skype, and our Group Forum.  Blueprint Biomechanics is a learning facility not a qualification: there are no examinations nor case studies.


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