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Improving workplace accountability


Understand Corporate Absenteeism within different sectors, build an infrastructure to reduce and manage absenteeism, encourage staff to become forward planning in their health. We work with Personnel Departments for a cost effective and proactive staffing list. Working together as a Team we reduce Corporate Absenteeism by supporting Personnel Departments; department managers and staff to silently assess the different sectors and their ‘at risk’ level. The findings will be reported directly to the Director of the scheme, offering advice and planning with BodyMOT Systems support to ensure the success of the required initiatives.


We reduce days lost to back pain up to 63% within the first 12 months of partnership, decrease incidence of musculoskeletal disorders up to 71%, and reduce minor illnesses by up to 68% in your Business.

Working with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

January 2014 Jo Abbott’s BodyMOT Systems won the business tender for working with the Fire Service as the Musculoskeletal Consultant, and continues to, with great success. This Contract has utilised skills in Biomechanics, Ergonomics, and Functional Nutrition Coaching as the main tools used in improving the health of the Service, whilst also striving to reduce long-term and short-term ill health. A proactive approach is followed using a combination of these disciplines also controls re-offenders by removing the exposure ‘risk’ i.e. approaching musculoskeletal health by identifying causality.

BodyMOT Systems offers a wide variety of assessments and treatments bespoke to the individuals needs.

Testimonial Video

We asked four brothers if they would answer 6 questions regarding their experiences having received treatment from Jo and working with The BodyMOT System.

The four brother were left alone in a room with the cameras and here are their answers…

We offer professional practice

Giving you the most up to date expert advice within the growing field of Acute and Chronic Injury Management & Reduction, whilst also imparting her knowledge and inspiring on the subject of Wellbeing in Business Health Education. Building a professional relationship in which we assist another in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

  • Teaching the employee’s/mentoree about a specific issue
  • Coaching the employee’s/mentoree on a particular skill
  • Facilitates the employee’s/mentoree’s growth by sharing resources and networks
  • Challenges the employee’s/mentoree to move beyond his or her comfort zone
  • Creates a safe learning environment for taking risks
  • Focuses on the employee’s/mentoree’s complete development

The OH BodyMOT Systems Team are passionate motivational presenters therefore all attending leave eager to apply techniques they have learned. These Workshops were initially established in 1992 and have are well-known to create dynamic and successful changes within the workforce. There is no commitment to your business after any of our Workshops, it is purely an investigative process for your company.


The bottom line to Occupational Health (OH) is in today’s society people spend more time at work than any other place.  Therefore, businesses have a captive audience to make some serious health behaviour changes that the World may benefit from. Employee wellness makes corporate fiscal sense. The benefit does exceed the cost of the programme.

£673 per person per annum x 7.7 days absent per annum=£5,182 cost of absenteeism per person in the UK x 2 million (the UK employed/self employed population) £103,642.00 cost per annum for Corporate Absenteeism in the UK

BodyMOT Systems Corporate Wellness Objective

  • Understand Corporate Absenteeism within different sectors.
  • Build an infrastructure to reduce and manage absenteeism.
  • Encourage staff to become forward planning in their health.
  • Work with Personnel Departments for a cost effective and proactive staffing list.
  • Working together as a Team to reduce Corporate Absenteeism.
  • Led by Personnel Departments – Department Managers – Staff.
  • To silently assess the different sectors and their ‘at risk’ level.
  • Report the findings daily direct to the Director of this scheme.
  • Advise and plan with Personnel and Director the required forward planning initiatives.
  • Planning the Environment for ‘forward planning’ initiatives: Work space, Outdoor areas.
  • Potential of Company resources, Catering Departments, Refreshments, Lunchboxes, Area’s for exercise.



There is documented relationship between healthy employees and worker productivity.

A wellness programme can enhance and support an organisations core values and culture.

A wellness programme that contains a component on self-care leads to a more cost-conscious work force.

A high quality fitness an wellness programme is an employee recruitment and retention tool.

Cost of OH Absenteeism (CIPD Report 2011)

Customer Feedback

“No suggestions for improvement as the service is already excellent! A great all round Service”

“I think it is an excellent Service, thank you”

“Very happy.  Service is excellent no need for any change”

“If your service was not provided by DFRS and I require any further treatment I would be will to use and pay for your service privately.”

“The sessions were of great use to allow me to understand the way my joints were working so as to improve recovery. The service provided was excellent.”

“Jo is a excellent Mechanist, and has helped my progress immensely.”

“I do feel the level of service from Jo Abbott has been of real benefit to me. Her enthusiasm and expertise makes appointments almost enjoyable and certainly educational. I feel Jo is a valuable asset to DFRS”

“I thought it was an excellent service, thanks.”

“Service is excellent no need for any change at this present time.”

“I do feel the level of service from Jo Abbott has been of real benefit to me. Her enthusiasm and expertise makes appointments almost enjoyable and certainly educational. I feel Jo is a valuable asset to DFRS.”

“Great all round service.”

“I could do with it being closer but I am so confident in the service I am willing to travel.”

“Excellent service- professional, personable and knowledgeable.”

“Jo got me back on light duties immediately and there is no question that her exercises got me back to work quicker than the help I received from the NHS.”

“Jo is able to analyse your whole needs and doesn’t just throw medication at the problem. Jo could guide me to physical, natural and tutored remedies that accelerated my ability to work at my full potential in 2 roles for the service. Additional sickness was prevented by Jo’s intervention following a service related injury”

“Jo Abbott is your best chance of getting any one in the fire service back to their normal roll on their day to day duty. she is a huge credit to the service.”

“Jo made me feel like an individual and was able to ask questions that dug deep into how the injury first started therefore stopping it reoccurring. Jo explained things in detail and I firmly believe without her help my injury would have continued to hinder me.”

“everyone I’ve spoken to that as been treated by Jo speaks very highly of her. I feel the service (by using Jo) is being very proactive in treating injuries earlier which will save the service money in the long run.”

“I continue to be incredibly impressed with Jo’s approach to the wellbeing of our staff. She has taken the time to really understand our business and is able to make valued judgements linked to the role requirements of the operational and non-operational staff she supports. Jo’s ability to identify the issues and support people to take ownership of their own recovery, has led to improved personal wellbeing and improved organisational productivity resulting from reduced absenteeism.”

“Jo really explained clearly what was wrong and how she would help to put it right. She went above and beyond to ensure I was put right and that involved other areas that was causing a problem and made the main problem worse”

“Jo is very proficient in her work, possibly the best person I have visited for treatment for 30 years. I have taken part in many sports that have required me to be put back together and her attitude and knowledge is second to none.”

Health & Wellness Workshops

Bringing you the most up to date, informative and infectious Health & Wellness Workshops. Large or small groups, the Workshop’s content is tailored to meet your needs: All you have to do is contact us to discuss a potential Workshop that will either support or/and kick-start your Companies Health and Wellness regime. All Workshops include; Presentation notes, Giveaways and Promotional material.

Some examples of our most popular Workshops; Peak Performance – Developing Winning Attitudes, Understanding Back Pain & How to reduce risks, Creating Comfort in your Workspace, Injury Prevention & Management, Fat Loss Programmes, Nutrition – The Fact & The Fiction, World Health & Developing Change, Protect Yourself – Building the Ultimate Immune System, and Exercise – Maximise your Time.

Biomechanics Pilot Study

Pilot Objective & Goals

To demonstrate a significant reduction in cost and days lost due to musculoskeletal pain and injury over a three month period with the application of Biomechanics Coaching. A streamline journey from an initial enquiry to a bespoke needs analysis report.

A Pilot Study has many factors that may restrict the final outcome i.e. time being the most influential factor. Therefore the following statistics are based on the time period set for this Study. To provide each patient with a bespoke Corrective Exercise Programme (CEP) and the confidence, in their bodies, to return back to work. Upon completion of the Pilot Study, to provide a valid and reliable ‘Officer Return-to-Work’ proposal based upon a reflective appraisal of the Study.

Wellness Pilot Study

Trial Our Programme

Occupational Health is saturated with businesses promising positive changes to reduce corporate absenteeism and improve productivity. We don’t just promise, we work with you; by listening and modify the programme to ensure we need your needs and perform with the highest standards. As a Team, we make it happen.

Are you concered about the health of some of your employees? Choose from 8 Online Analyses – Bite size changes to improve your health, or have Full Health & Wellness Screening – BodyMOT Systems Lifestyle Analysis. Maybe you would like an Injury prevention & Management, or Daily delivery Healthy Lunches and/or Breakfasts – Designed by the Award Winning Nutrichef. Optimise outcome with the Health & Wellness Workshops and/or Team Building Health & Wellness – Events & Challenges.

Ergonomic Consultancy

What can and Ergonomic Consultant bring to your business?

Eight out of 10 people who use a computer will suffer a soft tissue injury as a result of using the computer and two out 10 will suffer pain continuously as a direct result (Comcare). Reduced workers’ compensation premiums, Reduced incidence of workplace injuries, Provide workshops and training on the benefits of implementing ergonomics/back care programmes, Critique and advise simple adjustments for comfortable and safe working environments, Reduce absenteeism caused by working enviroment, Enhance wellbeing, productivity and comfort, An ergonomic programme to apply to your intranet, Empower them to use better body mechanics, posture, and relaxation techniques and can come up with no-cost solutions to help. Create a positive working enviroment that is contagious to colleagues. Provide information for employees on Ergonomics (proven to assit in the elimination of work-related injuries).

OH Breakfast Club

OH Breakfast Club is every second Wednesday of the month. Breakfast is served from 7am, ‘Welcome’ and Guest Presentation commences at 7:30am sharp.

If you are engaged in any way, shape or form in managing, profiling or the treatment of corporate absenteeism then these Occupational Health (OH) Breakfast Clubs are for you. We can no longer maintain the illusion that our work and personal lives are severable. Stress from the workplace doesnt magically dissipate when you walk out the front door of the building, and problems from home spill in to the workplace. Work-life balance has become an epic struggle with technology enabling us to do more, rather then less. This constant state of stress affects our relationships in the workplace and at home, creating apathy and often hostility.

Prehab to Injury Workshop

A Scientifically proven Optimal Screening protocol Training for the Occupational Health Team.

This 1 Day Workshop (10 – 4pm) covers the validity and reliability of Screening with the latest research empowering the OH Team to apply risk-ratios to the Workforce. Successful Training and implementation will enable your Team;

Prevent ‘little-niggles’ from becoming long term absenteeism, Prevent ‘repeat-offenders’ from having more time absent, Control and quick referral of the short term absentee’s, Proactive with musculoskeletal issues, Enabling the Company to collect data on their specific workforce population and therefore create a fountain of possible correlations to musculoskeletal absenteeism. Workshops include;

Presentation notes & Promotional material.

Anatomy of Human Movement

This 1 Day Workshop (10 – 4pm) is the pre-cursor to understanding the mechanisms of injury. Jo takes the Science & Anatomy of Human Movement and breaks down the language and barriers to acknowlegment of what underpins injury. The Workshop begins with Jo taking note of your business/individuals current injury(s) profile; i.e. disc prolapses and outlines the pathomechanics (changes in the normal biomechanical function of a joint, an extremity, or a torso as a result of disease or dysfunction) to the injury, with a proactive approach to reducing mechanisms for injury.

Health & Wellness Consultancy

Engage with our expert to refine your systems refining Systems; Return-to-work (RTW) programme development, Biomechanics Training & Education (Any courses to be embedded over a 12 month period), Specific case discussions providing personal plans for maximising RTW, Ergonomic appraisal and design for improvement, and Health and Wellbeing training and education.

Online Health & Wellness Assessments

Our interactive motivational programmes are developed and written with your company’s culture and health needs in mind.

Our interaction with your employees will help them stay on track and move along the path to better health. The path to healthier living is not exclusively for those employees who can attend an on-site lunch and learn session. We work online wellness programmes gives employees where ever they are located more options and opportunities to make healthy choices. The cost of the Online Programmes will depend on how many units you are wishing to invest in and if you are a ‘Partner’ of the Company with other Services. If you would like a personal quote for Health & Wellness Consultancy, please email Jo with your preferences.

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