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Your way…

Book the time you need with Jo

You choose how much time you spend, and you decide what you want Jo to investigate for you (see SESSION OPTIONS below).

  • Are you seeking support for your health?
  • Have you been referred to Jo for specialised support?
  • Or you are a health care practitioner looking for mentoring?
  • Or you would like a specific treatment for a specific condition?

Then this is the only product you need to put in your basket.


  • If you are booking your first appointment with Jo Abbott, or are returning to see Jo after more than 3-months absence, please book 2-hours.
  • If Jo has specified a specific appointment duration, please book as recommended.
  • If Jo has not specified a specific appointment duration, please feel free to book what you feel is necessary for you to get the maximum out of your session with Jo without overrunning.
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