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About one in four adults have at least two chronic conditions (1), and more than half of older adults have three or more chronic conditions (2).   As worldwide mortality declines, people are living longer with disability and multiple comorbidities, with important implications for global health care needs (3,4).

These numbers continue to increase defining the current Musculoskeletal (MSK) industry a failure: failing to reduce these numbers and improve a global populations MSK health.

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I am not a Manual Therapist

I’m a Scientist and a Researcher investigating Musculoskeletal Disorders, Diseases, and Disabilities and their effects on the World’s population.  My ethos is to continue to work alongside united teams of elite professionals who want to integrate their skills to bring the best possible approach to a patient’s health and wellbeing.

What is a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD-1)

An MSD-1 begins when the body’s musculoskeletal system (muscles and skeleton) become imbalanced, often caused by physical trauma such as a trip, fall, road traffic collision, and surgery.  These imbalances in the musculoskeletal system are then exposed to active daily living tasks (ADL) which are low in force and occur over long durations i.e. walking, working, sitting, etc.  To put it more simply, it’s like driving your car 10,000 miles around the M25 (big motorway on the outskirts of london) with the tracking (balance) out – there will be premature wear and tear on the vehicle with the most obvious sign of the imbalance being the tyres.

If younger than 35 years old, there are commonly no symptoms with these imbalances.  Over 35 years old and you may experience ‘niggles’, ‘pain’, ‘discomfort’, or limitations in your ADLs.


The DISORDER (MSD-1) phase of musculoskeletal imbalances gives a rehabilitation professional(s) the perfect opportunity to intervene early with predictive assessments and treatment, and greatly reduce an individuals risk of progressing to DISEASE.  The longer the timeline of having an MSD-1 the more layers of compensation and drivers to the symptoms and/or limitations.

The DISEASE (MSD-2) phase of musculoskeletal imbalances are where trauma to the body is more permanent due to excess wear and tear (premature ageing) of body, compensatory mechanisms are often fully integrated, and the only rehabilitation principles are focused around management of the diagnosis.

Musculoskeletal DISABILITY (MSD-3) is the end of the journey for the initial DISORDER (MSD-1).  World Health Organisation quotes 33% of the World’s population are within this group, of which 100% of this population are at risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), Respiratory Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, and deteriorating Mental Health.

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    Whatever your personal aims and ambitions, having a mentor will greatly increase your chances of success. The right mentor can empower you to turn...

  • Diagnostic Tests

    You choose the online assessment that best matches your needs, allowing us to explore your health for improved well-being. All it takes is...

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    We work with you to create the right team for your rehabilitation by finding you the right therapists and support, for example, Massage therapists,...

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    You choose the online assessment that best matches your needs, allowing us to explore your health for improved well-being. All it takes is...


    Our Team can help improve the work environment all around. We reduce days lost to back pain up to 63% within the first 12...


    Our presentation skills ensure all people understand and remember the subject matter. We will cater to your audience, gather information, read and organize the...

Stephen Fowley
Stephen Fowley
11:14 11 Feb 20
Finally, after 35 years of treatment, I found Jo! She has taken the time to really understand the range of symptoms I... have in my back, neck and shoulders so that she can find and treat the underlying causes. There is light at the end of the more
Alan Walsh
Alan Walsh
17:40 22 Jan 20
I’ve found Jo very thorough. She will spend a lot of time checking and rechecking that she has the diagnosis right.... The instils a lot of confidence. The exercises she recommends are spot on. Thanks Jo!read more
Sarah Sibley
Sarah Sibley
10:34 22 Jan 20
Tara Patton
Tara Patton
07:49 21 Jan 20
Fantastic. I saw Jo back in early December and it was really refreshing to take the focus away from firefighting... specific areas and start to understand from head to toe what is happening. Jo encourages you to take ownership and responsibility for your rehab and it's great to start to understand what is happening and why. I'm early on in my journey but feel motivated to follow Jo's advice and break that cycle. Jo is really passionate about what she does and you feel that she is on the journey with you which is quite rare. Watch this more
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  • Great Professionals

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